Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda

Former Tallahassee Representative Michelle Rehwinkel-Vasilinda has joined the Republican Party of Florida.

For a second time, a presidential search committee for Florida Gulf Coast University has given a thumbs down to a former Tallahassee lawmaker.

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The Florida House passed a controversial bill making changes to Florida’s Retirement System.

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A bill seeking a three percent pay raise for state employees unanimously passed its first Senate panel Monday. And, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are mulling over the issue as well.

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Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, D-Tallahassee, is the latest state lawmaker to endorse Governor Rick Scott’s plans for Enterprise Florida.

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Never mind a medical exception. A North Florida Democrat wants to go a step further and legalize marijuana outright. Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda expects more than local resistance.

It’s the kind of doomed legislation you would expect from the minority caucus. But Rehwinkel Vasilinda says she wants to stir debate -- and she’s using an unusual strategy to do it. Her bill removes marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug from the list of controlled substances.

“It’s pushing ideas forward and there’s nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Perspectives: Florida House District Nine

Aug 14, 2014

WFSU-FM’s Political Perspectives concludes its pre-primary series of programs with a focus on Florida House District Nine.  Facing off in the August 26th election are: Arnitta Crice-Walker, the challenger; and the incumbent, Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda.  Ms. Walker did not appear on the program.

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Tallahassee State Representative Michelle Rehwinkle-Vasilinda says she’s concerned the press isn’t taking her bid to be Florida State University President seriously. Vasilinda is the second state lawmaker in the pool for FSU’s top job, and she’s taking aim at the front-runner, a powerful state senator with many political ties.

Vasilinda’s resume consists of decades in higher education, the creation of various classes at Florida State and her primary employer Tallahassee Community College—not to mention her work as a lawmaker with strong ties to the local community:

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Congress remains at an impasse with just hours left before the deadline for passing a federal budget. Residents in the Big Bend area are worried government services could slow down or stop if agreement is not reached in Washington.

Seventy-seven-year-old Ann Prescott lives in Tallahassee. She says she’s concerned about whether she’ll continue getting Social Security checks if there’s a federal shutdown. And a phone call to her local Social Security Administration office did little to quell her fears. She asked the woman on the phone if she could count on her monthly check.

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Food containing genetically modified ingredients would have to be labeled as such if a bill filed this month passes the Florida Legislature. The bill’s sponsor says people should have the right to refuse genetically modified foods. But food biotechnologists say supporters of the bill overstate the dangers of genetic engineering.

Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (D-Tallahassee) is sponsoring the food-labeling bill. Sitting on her front porch, she says she grew up in a farming community and she’s always felt close to the land.

The death penalty lives on in Florida…at least through this Legislative session. A bill that would have abolished capital punishment in the state died in its first subcommittee hearing on Thursday. The bill’s sponsor had been trying to get it heard for three years, and she’s vowing to bring it back next year.

Lawmakers Seek To Abolish, Reform Fla. Death Penalty

Jan 4, 2013

Florida is the state with the most people who were sentenced to death but later acquitted of their crimes. The state’s 24th overturned conviction came in December. Seth Penalvar was acquitted of murdering three people in Miramar after his third trial. He’d been in prison since 1994 while appealing the conviction.

Incumbent Representative, Democrat Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda and Republican Challenger Bradley Maxwell, compare and contrast their qualifications for the job.

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The Florida Attorney General’s office is engaged in a tug-of-war with the state legislature over which group can decide how to spend a $300 million mortgage settlement, but one local  state lawmaker wants to divert part of the settlement to pay raises for state employees.

The $300 million is Florida’s share of a $25 billion dollar settlement with five of the nation’s biggest banks involved in the foreclosure crisis. And Tallahassee state representative Michelle Rehwinkle Vasilinda wants the legislature to put aside a portion of the money for state employee pay raises.

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Genetically engineered food was the subject of a demonstration at the Florida Capitol on Tuesday. Florida Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda joined her constituents to champion the idea of labeling the modified food.

The demonstration was part of a national event sponsored by the non-profit Food and Water Watch. Activists are calling on Rehwinkel Vasilinda, the Democratic representative for the Florida House district that includes northeast Tallahassee, to sponsor legislation that would put labels on all foods that are genetically engineered.