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Instead of heading to the Governor, a Stand Your Ground-related bill is now headed back to the Senate for approval. That’s after the House passed its own version of the bill Wednesday.

Governor Rick Scott
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Florida Governor Rick Scott touted new jobs, a growing economy and tax cuts in his State of the State speech Tuesday. But Democratic lawmakers say Scott’s policies are benefitting corporations at the expense of Floridians.

Gov. Rick Scott, undated.

Florida Governor Rick Scott and President Donald Trump are political allies. But Scott is refusing to say what his position is on the president’s travel ban.

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Last year’s Orlando attack—the worst mass shooting in modern American history—is prompting Governor Rick Scott to put millions of dollars in his proposed budget toward counterterrorism and intelligence efforts in Florida. Law enforcement agencies around the state are praising Scott’s decision.

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With more and more locally transmitted Zika cases in Florida, a bipartisan group of state House lawmakers are joining together to ask for federal help to combat the mosquito-borne disease.

Dems Pounce On Education Portion Of Budget Proposal

Feb 5, 2014
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Though they took potshots at it last week, Democrats had their first chance to speak on the specifics of Governor Rick Scott’s budget proposal Tuesday.

A parade of Democratic House lawmakers directed questions about funding priorities at one of the governor’s budget experts, who was left to explain how schools, the uninsured and state employees would be treated.

Florida lawmakers are now sending their election reform package to Governor Rick Scott. And, the bill passed the full legislature with bipartisan support.

The House has passed an election reforms package again that will expand early voting days and sites.

“Mr. Speaker, we started the first day of Session with this bill. And, in between a lot of hard work, we end today with this bill,” said Democratic Representative Janet Cruz.

The House Ethics and Elections Subcommittee is putting forth its version of ethics reform on Tuesday, two weeks after the Senate unanimously passed its sweeping ethics package on day one of session. The House committee chairman is calling the effort “a work in progress.”

The House ethics bill comes out amidst some criticism against the Senate version. A bipartisan coalition, including Progress Florida and the Florida Tea Party Network, has been complaining that neither bill gives the state Commission on Ethics enough investigative power or enforcement power.