Former President Bill Clinton's twitter

Former President Bill Clinton is cancelling his North Florida bus tour campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Potential Air Force Expansion In Florida

Jun 6, 2016
Wikimedia Commons

Representative Gwen Graham wants to expand U.S. Air Force presence in Florida.

Governor Rick Scott's office

There are now 90 people designated as “Great Floridians.” That’s after Governor Rick Scott added another designee Tuesday.

A Jacksonville medical investigator has been jailed on charges he stole jewelry from dead people. Christopher Allen was arrested early Friday morning and charged with official misconduct and dealing in stolen goods.

Allen is a forensic investigator in the District 4 medical examiner’s office in Jacksonville. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been investigating him since May when the family of a deceased person complained of missing jewelry. FDLE spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger says Allen worked the overnight shift.

Jacksonville Teen's Death Prompts New Anti-'Stand Your Ground' Campaign

Dec 7, 2012

The family of an unarmed Jacksonville teenager killed after a dispute about loud music is calling for a repeal of the controversial Stand Your Ground law.  Jordan Davis’s shooting death happened in November, just as the state task force convened to examine Stand Your Ground was issuing its report.

At at a press conference in Jacksonville on Friday, the Florida president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Rev. R.L. Gundy, called for a repeal of Stand Your Ground.