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The Florida chapter of America’s largest Muslim advocacy group is creating a new office in the Panhandle.

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Since the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, a number of Muslims and mosques in Florida have been receiving death threats. But, Florida Muslims want the public to know that they condemn these attacks and stand in solidarity with their fellow Americans.

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An international refugee crisis, and the growth of ISIS abroad and online, are sending shockwaves around the world. Some of those shocks are rippling through the Florida Legislature. Some state lawmakers are moving forward with plans to give the governor sweeping powers over immigration.

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Hundreds of Muslims gathered in the Florida Capitol Thursday, to lobby and engage in the political process. The event is part of an annual Muslim day of advocacy, but this year is different: it’ s an election year.

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As fighting continues in the Middle East, halfway around the world in Tallahassee, people with cultural ties to different sides of the conflict are planning a meal together. Subscribers to three faiths will meet Thursday at the Temple Israel Jewish synagogue to celebrate the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

It'll be the first time Temple Israel hosts a Ramadan fast-breaking dinner.

“And I am very, very proud of the culture of our congregation that is open to and embraces that type of event," Rabbi Jack Romberg says. 

'Pro-American' Bills On The Verge Of Passage

Apr 30, 2014

Conservative lawmakers in Florida are in the final stages of passing two bills that detractors say amount to nothing more than thinly veiled racism and xenophobia. But both proposals have undergone extensive reimagining before finally making it to the House floor.

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There are around 167,000 self-identifying Muslims in the Sunshine State, a population that’s growing. Some of them crowded the courtyard between the new and historical capitol buildings Wednesday as the sounds of an unrelated event’s karaoke blared in the distance.

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A Florida lawmaker is considering legislation that would give the public input on the content found in Florida school textbooks. His overall aim is to cut down on what he calls the “Islam-bias” in state schools.

Melbourne Republican Representative Ritch Workman says Prentice Hall’s “World History” book not only puts an inaccurate spin on Islam, it also dedicates a whole chapter to the religion…

A dispute over whether certain Florida schools should ditch their history textbooks could become a larger statewide issue. Critics say certain textbooks are biased towards Islam at the expense of other religions, and they hope to remove what they call “Islam-bias” textbooks from Florida schools.

A group called Citizens for National Security wants to have more input over some history books used by Florida schoolchildren.  President William Saxton says he’d like to remove what he calls “Islam bias” in history texts.

An amateur film made in the U.S. on Islam sparked violent protests halfway around the world. We ask experts what that could mean in the state of Florida, the United States and the rest of the world.

Host: Trimmel Gomes

Guests: Lynn Hatter interviews Dr. Christopher Daniels, Political Science Professor at Florida A&M University

Dr. Deana Rohlinger, Sociologist, Florida State University