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Highlighting Florida State University’s research efforts, North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham is calling on Congress to fully fund similar home grown efforts to combat the Zika virus.

Congresswoman Gwen Graham speaks at the Healthy Start Coalition in Leon County.
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North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham is on the verge of being written out of her district. State congressional boundaries are still in flux after Florida lawmakers failed to agree on where the lines should be. But Graham is not pleased with the proposed makeup of her Second Congressional district, which could be split apart.

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North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham says she’s concerned about the Big Bend’s high infant mortality rate, and believes improving care for low-income Medicaid recipients could help.

Mary Thomas announcing her candidacy.
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There’s a new Republican challenger for the North Florida congressional seat currently held by Democrat Gwen Graham.  Scott administration official Mary Thomas announced her candidacy Wednesday in Tallahassee.

Gwen Graham signed a pledge to reject government perks at Lake Ella Thursday.
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North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham has raised more than a million dollars ahead of her 2016 re-election campaign. U.S. House members are up for re-election every two years.

Rep. Gwen Graham (D-FL2) digging deep for oysters.
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North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham is making the Apalachicola Bay one of her priorities. Graham was a guest on WFSU’s Perspectives program Thursday.

Congresswoman Gwen Graham Tours National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Leon County Sheriff's Office

A North Florida Congresswoman honored the late Leon County Sheriff in Washington D.C. Tuesday.

During Tuesday’s U.S. House of Representatives meeting, Congresswoman Gwen Graham gave some highlights of Larry Campbell’s life.

Gwen Graham
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Democrat Congresswoman-Elect Gwen Graham kicked off her North Florida Jobs Tour by meeting with Tallahassee business leaders Monday morning.

Graham says she’s pushing for bipartisan cooperation to fix major problems facing the region’s economy. The state of the Apalachicola Bay is one thing heading that list.

“It is a unique treasure for our country, not just for North Florida," Graham says. "And we need to get more people invested in caring about its survival. Because we’re at that point right now where it’s a question of survival.”

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Florida’s 2014 election cycle ended with disappointment for Democrats and many victories for Republicans.

Florida GOP wins include the gubernatorial race, the Cabinet—particularly the Attorney General’s race—and gaining a supermajority in the Florida House after several Democrats lost some seats.

“Well, obviously we got beat,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “We got beat across the nation. We got beat in Florida.”

She says the party is now looking to move forward to do better in future races.

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Democratic challenger Gwen Graham has won the race to represent Florida’s second congressional district. Two-term Republican Congressman Steve Southerland sounded a disappointed but hopeful note in his concession speech.  

With only hours to go before polls close, both candidates in Florida’s Second Congressional District are trying to turn out supporters. The race is one of the closest, and closely-watched in the country.

Incumbent Republican Congressman Steve Southerland wants to be re-elected for the third time and his Democratic Challenger, Gwen Graham, is looking to score an upset. Graham says she’s confident she will win the contest, and hasn’t even considered losing.

Rep. Southerland (R-FL2) at his campaign headquarters making calls to constituents.
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The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter in the campaign for Florida’s second congressional district.  Incumbent Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FL2) and his Democratic challenger Gwen Graham are busy canvassing the district to rally support the day before the midterm election.

Rep. Southerland (left) speaking at his Tallahassee campaign office flanked by Sen. Rubio.
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The two candidates running to represent Florida’s second congressional district are rallying their bases, and calling for constituents to get out and vote early.  Both the Southerland and Graham campaigns are pulling out all the stops to get their message across.

Gwen Graham
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Florida District Two Democratic congressional candidate Gwen Graham says if elected, she will be open about her dealings in Washington. Graham rolled out her so-called “Sunshine Plan” Wednesday.

The Graham Sunshine Plan revolves around providing insight into schedules and government meetings. It says she’d also vote for stricter disclosure of special interest money in campaigns and against congressional perks funded by taxes. Graham says she thinks elected officials should be compelled to keep the public informed.

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Florida Congressman Steve Southerland’s bill restricting the power of the Environmental Protection Agency has cleared the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s unlikely the measure will get through the Senate.

Southerland’s bill aims to stop the EPA from clarifying which water bodies it regulates. The House has approved the bill on a vote of 261 to 152. It’s unlikely the bill will reach the Senate this Congressional session. Even if it does, it’s almost guaranteed not to pass.

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Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is endorsing Democratic Congressional candidate Gwen Graham.

Speaking to reporters in Tallahassee Thursday, Nelson accused North Florida Congressman Steve Southerland of contributing to the gridlock in Congress.   

“I represent all the people in Florida. I don’t represent just those who voted for me," he said. "I represent indeed, in addition, those who didn’t vote for me. As well as those who didn’t vote at all.”

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One of the hottest races in the country during the 2014 election cycle is shaping up to be North Florida’s Second Congressional district. The district stretches from Taylor County west to Bay County and Panama City and is largely rural. It’s here, where the current incumbent and Tea-Party backed Republican Congressman is being challenged by an upstart Democrat with a powerful family name.

Gwen Graham signed a pledge to reject government perks at Lake Ella Thursday.
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Democratic congressional hopeful Gwen Graham is working to distinguish herself from her Republican opponent and an unpopular congress.  At Tallahassee’s Lake Ella Thursday, she spoke about the importance of compromise. 

“How you break the gridlock is by electing people who are willing to work together,” Graham says, focusing on the issue of immigration reform.  She says the issue hasn’t been addressed yet because house members are unwilling to find solutions through compromise, but says she’ll work across the aisle.

North Florida Congressman Steve Southerland is refusing to debate his Democratic opponent Gwen Graham until negative ads about him stop running, but that doesn’t mean Graham may not get any debate at all.

The write-in candidate for the job, Luther Lee, says he’s willing to take Southerland’s place. Lee says he’s a regular guy, just trying to make a difference.

“I’ve been working class my whole life, he says. "I wasn’t head of a funeral home business worth a million bucks and I didn’t have a father that had been in politics a long time.”

Republican Congressman Steve Southerland (FL-2) says he won’t debate Democratic challenger Gwen Graham until she gets outside groups to stop running attack ads against him.

That was the response Southerland’s campaign issued this week after Graham wrote him a letter asking to schedule a series of debates in the district that stretches from Panama City to Tallahassee. She says voters deserve to see a side-by-side comparison of the candidates.

The 2014 election cycle is still a year away, but in North Florida, the campaign for the state’s Second Congressional District is already in high gear.

National Democrats smell blood.

“What voters are looking for, is someone to be the adult in the room and get something done," says Andy Stone, Spokesman for the House Majority SuperPac, which is looking to flip the U.S. House of Representatives from Red to Blue in 2014.

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Florida Congressman Steve Southerland could be in for a tough reelection campaign in 2014 if fundraising numbers are any guide.

Third quarter figures show his Democratic challenger having out-raised him, and having more cash in the bank.

Both parties have identified Southerland as one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents in Congress.  It’s the same position he was in during the 2012 election cycle when he defeated former Democratic state Senator Al Lawson.

Florida Politicians Rally Behind Oyster Industry

Aug 16, 2013
R.Benk / WFSU-News

More than 200 community members filled the steps of the Franklin County Courthouse, waving signs, chanting slogans and signing petitions. There was also no shortage of politicians in Franklin County Tuesday. Those running for office like Democratic congressional candidate Gwen Graham and those holding office like her opponent Republican Congressman Steve Southerland found themselves on the same side of an issue. State Senator Bill Montford, whose district includes Apalachicola, told a thunderous crowd oysters aren’t a partisan issue.

Southerland Attracts First Opponent For 2014

Apr 8, 2013

With a little more than 19 months left until the November 2014 midterm elections the battle for Florida’s 2nd congressional district is already heating up. Incumbent Republican Steve Southerland has already drawn his first Democratic opponent in the race.