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Florida Governor Rick Scott says he doesn't plan to endorse any candidate before the March primary. But in an editorial published by USA Today, Scott says Donald Trump is "capturing the frustration of Americans".

Gov. Scott pitching his budget before House lawmakers.
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In a rare move, Florida Gov. Rick Scott came before the House Finance and Tax committee Tuesday to lobby for his budget.  Scott’s proposal includes more than a billion dollars in tax cuts.

Earlier this week, Governor Rick Scott stood on the 22nd floor of the Capitol and hinted he would sign a highly controversial fracking bill. The measure strips local governments of their power to regulate the oil and gas drilling technique.


Governor Rick Scott is declaring a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Erika churns in the Caribbean.

The Legislature is loosening its get-tough-on-crime attitude, allowing more non-violent juveniles to avoid felony records. Figures show Governor Rick Scott and the Cabinet are going in the opposite direction when it comes to restoring civil rights for ex-felons.

Governor Rick Scott is getting mixed reviews for pulling the plug on so-called “water farming.” Scott vetoed more than $31 million that paid landowners to pull up their crops and store polluted runoff.

Lawmakers say homeowners would be less of a target for internet scams if Governor Rick Scott agrees to keep email traffic with local tax collectors private. The legislation was a priority for Republican Senator Jack Latvala of Clearwater.

Governor Rick Scott’s elections chief isn’t saying whether his boss will go along with the Legislature’s 2017 deadline for implementing online voter registration. Secretary of State Ken Detzner is keeping his cards close to his vest.

Office of Gov. Rick Scott

Not all of the political warfare in the Capitol is between the House and Senate. Gov. Rick Scott fired a shot over the bow of Senate President Andy Gardiner today, reappointing 16 agency heads who weren’t confirmed.

The Legislature agreed to mandate online voter registration by 2017, but don’t log-on yet. Governor Rick Scott’s top elections chief is strongly opposed.  


Governor Rick Scott and Democratic Challenger Charlie Crist met Tuesday evening for the third time in a debate leading up to the November Fourth Election. There were no electric fans this time around, but the atmosphere between the two candidates was downright chilly.

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College affordability is a central issue in the race for the Florida Governor’s Mansion. Governor Rick Scott has used the issue to blast his opponent, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Crist. Now Crist has dispatched his running mate, Annette Taddeo, to talk about their platform and appeal to students wallets.