Florida House of Representatives

Speaker Richard Corcoran addressing the House.
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House Speaker Richard Corcoran will require House members to file budget requests as stand-alone measures before the legislative session begins.  The move could make the coming year’s budgeting process contentious.

Rep. Ramon Alexander (D-Tallahassee).
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Ramon Alexander has won the Democratic primary race for House District 8. He will face write-in candidate Frantz Millien in the November general election.

Florida Lobby

Calling in a false threat, such as a bomb scare, is now a second degree felony. 

Project leader points his construction crew to fix concrete levels on the side of the road.
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Legislation is heading to the House floor that would give Florida utilities a break from construction costs. Critics claim it could end up costing taxpayers more.

Florida Department of Children and Families

Three child care bills are moving in the House. One would tighten requirements for child care workers. 

Historic Capitol
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Florida is halfway through its legislative session. But the House and Senate have a lot to do before they leave the Capitol.

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Update:  The House passed both open carry and campus carry. But both bills face slim chances in the Senate.

Florida House of Representatives

The House is debating a bill that would change Tallahassee’s downtown boundary for alcohol sales. 

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Representatives from the Florida House had tough questions for budget leaders Thursday about decisions made in the spending plan.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Shalimar)
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In-fighting in the Florida legislature is getting increasingly personal. But some observers are saying Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, may have crossed a line.

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The stalemate between Florida’s Republican leaders is getting worse. A day after the House abruptly adjourned, the Senate says it may sue unless Representatives come back. Still, not everyone believes the abrupt end of the session is a bad thing.

House speaker Steve Crisafulli
Florida House of Representatives

Democrats are hoping fallout from the failed legislative session will follow House Republicans to the polls. The Florida Democratic Party is predicting uninsured working Floridians will vent their anger at House leaders for refusing billions of federal dollars tied to Obamacare.


The Florida House has adjourned for the 2015 lawmaking session. The move comes as the legislature was gridlock over whether to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.


A heated debate in the Florida House concerning terminally-ill patient care ended unfavorably to medical marijuana proponents Wednesday, but the issue continues to make waves in the legislature.

Florida House

The Florida House of Representatives cleared out several proposals Friday, sending them to the senate.

House plans for red light cameras would prohibit using them for right on red violations.
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A House measure placing greater restrictions on the use of red light cameras passed its first committee this week.  While it differs from a similar proposal in the Senate, the arguments against it sound about the same.

Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St.Petersburg) is shepherding a bill through the Senate that calls for new requirements on red light cameras.  Namely, jurisdictions that employ cameras would need to submit annual reports and show they’ve already tried alternative safety measures before setting up any new ones. 

Florida House Votes For Do-Over In District With Write-In Candidate Confusion

Nov 18, 2014

When the Florida House of Representatives welcomed new and returning members today,  one recently elected person was there only in spirit. That’s because a court ruling requires a do-over in his district election.

Rep. James Grant (R-Tampa) handily won reelection last month with almost 60 percent support from District 64 voters. Early Tuesday, the Florida Elections Canvassing Commission certified all state returns, including Grant’s. But later on the House floor, Rep. Richard Corcoran (R- Land 'O Lakes) called for a vote to block Grant from taking office.

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House Speaker Will Weatherford is defending the House vote on a manufacturing tax exemption. The measure passed the chamber on a 68-48 vote, but Democrats say that House vote may have violated Florida’s Constitution.

At issue is whether the manufacturing tax exemption needed two-thirds support of the House to pass. Democrats seem to think it did, and had the numbers to block it. They and four Republicans sided against the tax exemption. But House Speaker Will Weatherford says he’s confident the vote will stand.

Chris O'Meara / The Associated Press

The Florida House ended a second day of political wrangling between Democrats and Republicans with neither side smiling at the end.

Democrats continued their protest of the House Majority’s refusal to take up a bill accepting $51 billion in federal Medicaid money to expand insurance coverage to an additional one million low-income Floridians.

The chamber continued reading bills aloud word-for-word with the computer software “Mary” the House’s Auto Reader who, in two days, has become a breakout star with more than 614 followers on twitter since arriving to the site…Tuesday.

The slow pace of the Florida House continued on Wednesday. And that’s because House Democrats and Republicans were locked in a contest of legislative chicken to see who would blink first and call for a return to normal lawmaking procedures.

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Supporters of the pro-choice movement rallied earlier in the session to oppose bills they say amount to attacks on women’s rights. As debate on the proposals unfolds for the second day on the House floor, supporters of the Right to Life movement marked the occasion with a somber ceremony and personal stories, and a more subdued presence at the Florida Capitol.

Thursday was Right to Life Day at the Capitol, the event coming as Florida lawmakers in the House debated and passed bills dealing with race- and- sex based abortions, and crimes against pregnant women.

The Florida House took up more than 80 measures Wednesday. Some were just discussed, and teed up for a vote Thursday. Others were voted on and sent over to the Senate, and a few were even sent to the Governor’s desk. The following are just some of the more closely watched and highly debated bills up for discussion.

Foreign Law 'anti-sharia' bill

It’s the halfway point of this year’s legislative session and the Florida House has released its plan for spending for the upcoming fiscal year. The house’s budget plan comes in at $74.4 billion dollars with education and healthcare getting the biggest share of the increase.

The state's largest teacher's union does not like what it's seeing.

 “Why are we flying in an executive director of Parent Revolution from California to talk about Florida schools and parents in Florida and what they need?" said the Florida Education Association's Jeff Wright. "How in the hell does he know what parents in this state need?”

A House education committee has moved controversial bills like one that would give parents a say in the fate of failing public schools. Another would let charter schools move into unused public school buildings. Both proposals are now heading to the chamber floor but could conflict with Senate ideas.

Also up in the air is the fate of Florida’s newest university.