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A manatee mating herd at Coquina Beach in Manatee County
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If you’re on a Florida waterway, you may encounter some manatees that appear to be splashing and cavorting. But, Florida wildlife officials say that’s actually the sea cows breeding and they’re asking the public to give the marine mammals some space.

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The Lionfish Removal Challenge is underway, and Florida wildlife officials say so far, thousands of the invasive species have been removed—most from the Panhandle area.

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Florida wildlife officials are continuing to monitor the aftermath of Tropical Storm Colin and its impact on sea turtle nests across the state. The storm destroyed several hundred nests, but officials say Floridians can help.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering what would be only the second bear hunt in the Sunshine State in two decades. Meanwhile, opponents across the state are digging in their heels. 


This week is National Safe Boating Week. It kicked off right around the start of Florida’s boating season.

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Florida wildlife officials are their latest lionfish removal effort as a great success.

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Turtle nesting season is underway, and Florida wildlife officials are urging the public to be cautious of the sea creatures during this crucial time.

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Florida wildlife officials are looking to create more sanctuaries across the state to protect vulnerable wildlife from everyday human disturbances during the most critical time in their lives.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

A state lawmaker wants Florida students to be taught about boating safety in schools.

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Florida wildlife officials have unveiled a pilot program in the Florida Panhandle as part of their latest lionfish removal efforts.

The Florida Black Bear
Southwest Florida Water Management District

Florida’s Wildlife Commission will decide in June how to manage future bear hunts. Last year, the state held its first hunt in more than 30 years, with more than 300 bears killed.


Starting Friday, seasonal manatee zones will be in effect. Florida wildlife officials are warning boaters to slow down for the sea cows to avoid injuring them.


Florida’s spiny lobster season will shut down in about a week.


Florida wildlife officials are continuing to look into new ways to help target an invasive species plaguing state waterways. They’ve started the lionfish state records program.

PETA Criticizes Python Challenge

Jan 6, 2016

Since 2013, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has involved the public in fighting the invasive Burmese python. But the animal rights group PETA is criticizing the effort.

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Wildlife attacks on pets and livestock are on the rise in Florida. State wildlife officials are reminding residents and visitors to take some extra precautions.

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State wildlife officials are kicking off the 2016 Python Challenge to remove the invasive species from the Everglades next month. But, ahead of the month-long competition, they’re promoting a virtual contest that’s already underway.

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Following a successful breeding program in the 1990s, Florida panther populations are recovering from historic lows. But with more cats, come more complications.

Florida Animal Rights Advocates are offering a reward for information about a number of sea birds killed on Neptune beach.

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November is Manatee Awareness Month, and Florida wildlife officials want boaters to be aware of manatees on the move during their migration period.

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Thursday marked the start of stone crab claw harvest season for recreational and commercial use in state and federal waters.

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State wildlife officials are encouraging divers to use certain devices to signal they’re scuba diving or snorkeling.

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State wildlife officials want fishing enthusiasts to know about the hazards of a certain fishing line that could injure and even cause the death of Florida wildlife.

Florida panther

Florida Wildlife officials say the Florida panther population is growing. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation is looking for new ways to better track the state’s official animal.


Florida wildlife officials want more people to sign up for their “Reef Rangers” program. It builds on the ongoing efforts to remove the invasive lionfish species from state waters.