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Sarah Mueller

Fear has only grown in the week since President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning entry into the U.S. for refugees and travelers from certain Muslim-majority countries. Despite the temporary stay by a federal judge in Seattle, Washington, other refugees and legal residents said they're worried they will be the next to lose their chance at the American Dream.

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The Florida chapter of America’s largest Muslim advocacy group is creating a new office in the Panhandle.

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In response to the ongoing Israel-Palestinian Conflict, students and academics are calling for an economic boycott of Israel. Wednesday the Florida House will take up legislation that could target this boycott.

Muslim Capitol Day/ facebook / https://www.facebook.com/MuslimCapitolDay/

Hundreds of Muslims gathered in the Florida Capitol Thursday, to lobby and engage in the political process. The event is part of an annual Muslim day of advocacy, but this year is different: it’ s an election year.

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A Florida lawmaker is considering legislation that would give the public input on the content found in Florida school textbooks. His overall aim is to cut down on what he calls the “Islam-bias” in state schools.

Melbourne Republican Representative Ritch Workman says Prentice Hall’s “World History” book not only puts an inaccurate spin on Islam, it also dedicates a whole chapter to the religion…


A dispute over whether certain Florida schools should ditch their history textbooks could become a larger statewide issue. Critics say certain textbooks are biased towards Islam at the expense of other religions, and they hope to remove what they call “Islam-bias” textbooks from Florida schools.

A group called Citizens for National Security wants to have more input over some history books used by Florida schoolchildren.  President William Saxton says he’d like to remove what he calls “Islam bias” in history texts.