Would You Like A Cat With Your Capuccino?

May 29, 2018

Tallahassee now has two cat cafes for those who don't mind a little cat fur in their coffee. The Tally Cat Cafe held its official grand opening on Saturday, May 26.

The food and beverage service area of the new Tally Cat Cafe.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Nearly a dozen people and an equal number of cats were enjoying each other's company in a special room full of cat toys and secured to prevent feline escapes. But the ultimate goal is for people to bond with the cats and adopt them. Something Tally Cat Cafe co-owner Katie Logue was sure was inevitable.

"We've had a couple of people hold cats and cry and say they were going to come back, so I'm hoping it's coming up soon. But it's been going really well. We're thrilled! Everyone is having a great time, the cats are loving the attention, so it's going great!"

Logue say her shop obtains its adoptable cats from the Leon County Humane Society and can perform adoptions on the spot. The cafe also features Lucky Goat Coffee and lots of other human treats.