Visit Florida Paid Pitbull $1M; Rapper Releases Contract Via Twitter

Dec 15, 2016

Credit @pitbull / Twitter

Pitbull was paid a million dollars by the state tourism arm Visit Florida to be a so-called Brand Ambassador. The rapper released the contract via twitter Thursday after the state House filed a lawsuit.

The video for Pitbull’s “Sexy Beaches” was shot using Visit Florida money, and according to his contract with the tourism agency, he was obligated to promote the state on social media and in his stage performances—including using #LoveFL.

The one million was paid in five installments including a $250,000 initial deposit.

House speaker Richard Corcoran sued to get details of the contract and even Governor Rick Scott questioned Visit Florida’s secrecy over the dealing. In a statement following Pitbull’s release of the contract, Corcoran says he wants transparency to be the "rule and not the exception in state government.”

Corcoran says he wants to end the idea of government as venture capitalist, and has already called for eliminating the job recruitment arm Enterprise Florida. Visit Florida could be next on that list.

In a statement accompanying the contract, Pitbull says, "it's been an honor to represent Miami and the Sunshine State. I've taken Miami and Florida worldwide--WAY before any contract and will do so way after. I love my home state. When asked to take on a New Year's show, I INSISTED it be live from Florida. #LoveFL since birth.....and till the day I die. Dale!"