Valdosta Provides Jobs And Mentors To High School Students

Jul 6, 2017

Credit Valdosta, A City Without Limits Facebook Page

Valdosta is committing to give local youth up to two years of employment, job training, and mentoring through the statewide Great Promise Partnership Program. 

GPP Executive Director Lori Heemann says the program targets students at risk for dropping out. Students interview with employers, then get a job, supervisor and mentor. Heemann says the program prepares students for life after graduation.

“We’ve seen a massive change in our student population with sticking with school and actually graduating, but then also being prepared for what comes next,” says Heemann.

Students learn what Heemann calls life skills. These include time management and finances, which kids may not learn at home or in school. Heemann says GPP prepares graduates to go straight to work or post-secondary education.