Three Rescued, One Dead After Vessel Capsizes During Hurricane Maria

Sep 21, 2017

RFA Mounts Bay, the British Royal Navy auxiliary vessel from which the helicopter responded.
Credit US Coast Guard website

A  British Royal Navy helicopter has rescued a woman and two children from a capsized boat disabled during Hurricane Maria.  But a man on the vessel has died.

The U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and British Royal Navy scrambled to respond to a distress call off the coast of Puerto Rico Wednesday, according to a Coast Guard statement. 

A boat called Ferrel radioed it was disabled and adrift near the island of Vieques in seas with 20 foot waves and 115 mile an hour winds.  Late Wednesday night a Coast Guard plane found the capsized vessel and a British naval helicopter responded to the scene. 

A woman and two children were lifted from the boat, but a man was trapped inside when the Ferrel flipped over.