Satanists For Scott: Real Or Fake?

Jan 25, 2013

A handful of Satanists gathered on the steps of Florida’s Historic Capitol building Friday afternoon in support of Governor Rick Scott and religious freedom. But the group, called The Satanic Temple, came with its own media team and rumors of being a hoax.

­The Satanic Temple’s Overlord, High Priest, and four minions walked up the front steps of Florida’s Historic Capitol to Heavy Metal Music. One of the Minions, High schooler Cassandra Wagner, says most people have mistaken notions about her religion.

“Despite anything else I might do, some people will think that as a Satanist I sleep in a coffin or I drink human blood," she said.

The Satanists praised Governor Rick Scott for signing last year’s bill to allow inspirational messages, including their, in public schools. The High Priest then thanked the Governor for, "opening the gates of hell to a Luciferian age.”

But was the rally for real? The group shot video of the media that came to the event leading some reporters to speculate it might all be a devilish hoax. The Governor’s Office didn’t respond to a call for comment.