NRA-Backed 'Right To Be A Kid' Bill Gets First Senate Hearing Monday

Feb 28, 2014

A bill attempting to revise Florida schools’ zero-tolerance policies concerning kids and guns is expected to have its first Senate hearing Monday. Calling it the “Right To Be A Kid Bill,” the National Rifle Association’s Marion Hammer insists it will be one of the most important bills passed out of the Legislature.

“It basically says if a kids points a finger and goes ‘bang, bang,’ use some common sense, people! Don’t suspend that kid from school. It stops that kind of insane behavior by school administrators I guess who were never kids,” said Hammer.

Meanwhile, Ocala Republican Representative Dennis Baxley calls it the “Pop-Tart bill.” As a member of the K-12 Subcommittee, he’s sponsoring the House measure.  The bill got its name because of a seven-year-old kid from Maryland who was suspended from school after chewing his breakfast treat into a gun shape.

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