New Law Restricting Sale Of Guns To Mentally Ill Takes Effect Today

Jul 1, 2013

A new law banning some people with mental illnesses from purchasing guns went into effect Monday. While some say the new law is necessary to protect Floridians, others say it strips gun owners of their rights.

Danielle Thompson with the National Association for Gun Rights says her group is disappointed with Governor Rick Scott for approving the new gun law.

“We believe that Governor Rick Scott has shown some disregard for law abiding gun owners and their second amendment rights by signing this bill,” said Thompson.

Thompson’s group had called on thousands of its Florida members to urge Scott to veto the measure. But, National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer says she’s glad Scott did not buy into what she calls the oppositions’ “misinformation.”

“…which is unfortunate that some groups attempt to mislead people. But, in the end, this is a bill that will keep guns away from dangerous people,” said Hammer.

A loophole in state law had allowed people who voluntarily checked into a mental health facility and were deemed a danger to society to purchase a firearm. The new law aims to close that.

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