Lt Gov denial of bribe to Congressional candidate could be true

Mar 12, 2012

Florida’s Lieutenant Governor is denying any involvement in offering a Republican Congressional candidate a job to get him to drop out of a race against U.S. Representative Cliff Stearns. Now, as Sascha Cordner reports, that same Congressional candidate is supporting her story.

After a news conference Monday, Carroll says she did not give any job offer on behalf of Stearns’ Campaign. And, James Jett, who says he was offered bribes to drop his campaign, supports her claim.

“So, do I thinks she did anything wrong? No, I still don’t. I think that what happened was that she suggested to my campaign consultant, so I wouldn’t be lost if I did decide to get out, I could certainly get a job in Cliff Stearns campaign. But, I did not take that as an offer from her because I’ve never talked to her,” said Jett.

It’s illegal for candidates to promise a job in exchange for campaign support. Jett recently gave the FBI a list of names, including Carroll’s. But, he says he only submitted her name because she was talking about him stepping down.  Around the same time, others were offering him the job and monetary support to drop out of the race.

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