Leon Homeless Shelter Stocking Up For Irma

Sep 8, 2017

Managers of Tallahassee’s Kearney Center are sheltering up to 400 Big Bend homeless residents per night and expecting 20 to 50 more as Hurricane Irma approaches.

The Kearney Center is sheltering about 400 Big Bend homeless residents per night, and expecting to serve 50 more as Hurricane Irma threatens tropical storm conditions.

Operations director Jacob Reiter says the center is doubling up on  supplies and scheduling fuel deliveries for a center generator.

“We provide about 700 meals a day and we have enough food to be able to continue to meet that demand all of next week in the event that supplies are cut off as well. We’ve also ordered additional cots.”

Capitol City Youth volunteers are canvassing wooded areas and other known hangouts for local homeless to encourage them to seek shelter from the storm, Reiter says.