Leon GOP Vice Chair: Tallahassee Primaries Contentious, But Some Candidates Make An Impact

Aug 26, 2014

Credit Erik Hersman via Flickr

The 2014 primary season for local candidates has been one of the most contentious in years say local political watchers. But at least one thinks the area is finally catching up with races in other parts of the state.

This primary season has seen some swearing, lots of screaming, candidates accusing each other of political sabotage and in at least two races—outside money from state parties and lobbying groups. 

“You see that Tallahassee is pretty much catching up with the rest of the state in the way these kind of races have gone over time," says Evin Power, Vice Chairman of the Leon Republican party. "This is really the first time some of our races, or all of our races have melted down this way.”

Power expects most of the incumbents running for re-election to win, but thinks there are some candidates to watch. He points to Zach Richardson, one of the candidates for Mayor and Dianne Williams-Cox, who’s running against Democratic Representative Alan Williams. Power says they’re among a few local candidates who may become major forces to beat in the next election cycle.