Jury Duty Scam: E-mails Appear To Be From Leon Courts Clerk, Warn Of Missed Jury Duty

Sep 22, 2014

Credit Sal Falko via Flickr

Leon County’s top courts officer is warning of a scam targeting area residents. The ploy uses e-mail to warn people they failed to appear in court for jury duty.

The e-mails have appeared all over Florida. They are masked to appear to be coming from local clerks of court. Leon County Clerk Bob Inzer issued a warning on his website last week. He says the most important thing for people to remember is court correspondence is always sent via physical mail, not by phone or e-mail.

Inzer adds some of the scam e-mails say an arrest warrant has been issued because the recipient missed jury duty. He says that is not a realistic punishment, and if someone actually does miss jury duty, he or she usually just gets a failure-to-appear notice by mail.

He also requests those who receive one of the fake jury-duty e-mails to report it to his office at  850-