House Speaker: We'll Fight As 'Civilly' As We Can

Feb 24, 2017

While extending an olive branch of sorts to Governor Rick Scott, House Speaker Richard Corcoran says he is determined to ax the state’s business recruitment arm, Enterprise Florida.

House Speaker Richard Corcoran's efforts to eliminate Enterprise Florida, the public-private business recruitment arm, has made him the subject of an attack ad.

The two Republicans are trading insults in mud-slinging attack ads, the latest of which calls Corcoran a fake news peddler and career politician. Corcoran told reporters he’s grateful Scott hired him to do legal work during a hard time in his life, but he won’t change his position.

“That said, Gary, we have a position on an issue, and we believe in our position on the issue, and we’ll fight for our position on the issue. And we’ll try to do it as civilly, and as honorably as we can.”

Scott calls Corcoran’s campaign a job-killer. Corcoran calls business incentives “corporate welfare.” Business leaders say Corcoran is trying to raise his profile for a potential gubernatorial run next year.