Gov. Scott Signs Elections Bill, But Some Say It Doesn't Go Far Enough

May 22, 2013

Governor Rick Scott has signed an elections reform bill into law. But, some say the bipartisan effort to add more early voting days and sites in Florida doesn’t go far enough.

Last year, Governor Scott said he wanted to make sure the counting delays and long lines at the polls during the 2012 election were corrected.

“My goal is to have honest and fair elections,” said Scott.

Scott signed a bill Monday, giving election supervisors more flexibility to expand early voting days and more choices for early voting sites. But, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith says while the new law is an improvement, it could have done more.

“I’d like to see some of things be mandatory. I think we left entirely too much discretion up to local supervisors of elections, which can cause problems statewide. If you have someone voting certain dates and certain times in Broward County, but not in Flagler County, but not in Pinellas County, do you truly have equal access in the polls,” asked Smith.

Some say an elections bill Scott signed into law in 2011 to cutback early voting days from 14 to 8 was a major contributor to the state’s election problems during the presidential election.

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