Gov, Lt Gov not saying much about FBI investigation

Mar 13, 2012

Florida’s Lieutenant Governor is remaining tight-lipped on a federal investigation looking into allegations that she bribed a Republican Congressional candidate to drop out of the race. Sascha Cordner has more.

On Monday, Carroll denied she offered any job to Congressional Candidate James Jett, so that he would drop out of the race to make way for U.S. Representative Cliff Stearns. A day later, her answer was relatively the same:

“I’ve already submitted…made my statement,” said Carroll.

Carroll is under investigation by the FBI, after Jett submitted her name along with a few others. Jett claims several were involved in asking him to step out of the race in exchange for money and top leadership positions. However, Jett says he thinks Carroll did nothing wrong, because she only suggested to Jett’s campaign consultant that Jett could get a job with the Stearns’ campaign, in case he lost the race. The Governor’s office declined comment.

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