Four state lawmakers join nuclear cost recovery lawsuit

Apr 9, 2012

A group of four lawmakers have joined a lawsuit against the state’s nuclear cost recovery program. Regan McCarthy reports the bi-partisan group says the state’s law let’s utilities charge customers for nuclear power plants that might never get built.

Senators Mike Fasano and Charlie Dean, both Republicans, and Representatives Mark Pafford and Michelle Rehwinkel-Vasilinda, both Democrats, say a law that lets utilities charge customers for nuclear plans before they even start building them is unclear and therefore unconstitutional. Fasano says if a utility wants to build a nuclear plant it should be paid for by money from the company’s stock holders, not its customers.

“Don’t get it from customers that many of them, probably most of them will never see the benefits of nuclear power plants built by progress energy because they never will be built.”

The cost keeps growing and the completion date keeps getting pushed back for plans to build a Progress Energy Nuclear plant that’s been in the works for years, but Progress officials say getting the project done just takes time.