Florida State Lawmakers Want to Limit Local Business Regulations

Feb 27, 2017

Republican state lawmakers want a say over local business regulations across the state. Legislation

preempting local power is moving through the legislature.

Credit Nick Evans

The measure is sponsored by Rep. Randy Fine, R-Palm Bay. Fine said the bill is pro-business.

“Allow(s) small and medium sized businesses to not have to worry about local government passing regulations that are outside the scope of things that the state has said it can regulate,” he said.

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran recently defended the legislation, saying limiting local control helps businesses and the state’s economy by creating uniformity.

“We get problems that are very, very complicated," he said. "If you’re a small business and you want to expand your small business and you’re in a tri-county area, and you know, one county says you can’t do it, one says you can. Those problems should be fixed.”

Local government officials have said Florida is too diverse for statewide business regulation. They argue local control is the best way to pass laws for individual communities.