Is The Fifth Time The Charm For A Nuclear Cost Recovery Repeal? A North Florida Lawmaker Hopes So

Oct 1, 2014

Credit James Marvin Phelps

A Tallahassee lawmaker is pushing once again to repeal the state’s nuclear cost recovery clause.  State Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (D-Tallahassee) says she plans to file her repeal for the fifth time in a row. Rehwinkel Vasilinda says lawmakers have made changes to the rule in the past years in an attempt to quiet voters’ concerns. But so far, she says, that hasn’t worked.

“Now we still have consumer voices being very loud and talking about the fairness of the issue and how to make rates more fair,” Rehwinkel Vasilinda says.

Several other lawmakers have announced intentions to file bills that would crack down on both utilities and the state’s utility regulators. Rehewinkel Vasilinda says that’s proof there’s growing support for the repeal of a state law that has allowed utility companies to charge customers for nuclear power plants that were never built.