Combee: Nashvile Shows Value Of Armed Congregation

Sep 25, 2017

A Florida lawmaker says this weekend’s deadly church shooting in Nashville should bolster support for his proposal to loosen gun restrictions in religious institutions.

Rep. Neil Combee, R-Auburndale, says concealed carry permit holders should be allowed to bring their weapons into religious institutions.

Republican Representative Neil Combee of Auburndale says the tragedy proves the value of allowing concealed carry permit holders to pack heat during worship services.  

“Kind  of makes everybody understand why it’s important to a lot of folks in churches, that they have the right to protect their members.”

A 22-year-old usher at the Nashville church is being hailed as a hero for confronting the shooter and using his handgun to detain him.

Combee’s bill passed the House, but the Senate wanted to ban guns during school hours.