Clock Ticking For Corcoran's Lottery Challenge

Aug 21, 2017

Negotiations are continuing between the Florida Lottery and the Florida House in Speaker Richard Corcoran’s challenge to a 700-million-dollar contract with International Game Technology. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking toward a court-imposed, August 31st deadline.

An Aug. 31st deadline is looming to wrap up negotiations between the Florida House and the Florida Lottery over Speaker Richard Corcoran's challenge to a $700 million contract.
Credit Florida Lottery

Corcoran contends the Lottery violated the Legislature’s power of the purse when it awarded a 15-year contract to IGT.

In March, Leon County Circuit Judge Karen Gievers agreed with Corcoran and invalidated the contract.

The case is on hold while both sides try to work out a deal, but the First District Court of Appeal wants a progress report by the end of the month to see if further proceedings are necessary.

Lottery attorney Barry Richard says he’s ready to file the appeal brief if a deal isn’t reached.