City, Maddox Ask Florida Supremes To Take Up Residency Jurisdiction Question

Dec 9, 2016

Scott Maddox speaks with reporters Monday in his downtown home/office following a ruling by a circuit judge that he lives in his district. (12/05/16).
Credit LHatter / WFSU News

The City of Tallahassee argues the issue of residency is of statewide importance and it wants the Florida Supreme Court to rule on whether local municipal definitions of residency hold any weight.


The case is an outgrowth of a local residency challenge by Tallahassee businessman Erwin Jackson, won by the City Commissioner Scott Maddox.

Attorney’s for the city of Tallahassee want the state’s high court to determine who has final say over residency: local cities and counties, or the courts. The City says it has the right to determine who meets residency requirements under its charter. And in a brief filed Friday, Maddox agrees, and says the issue is of great public importance and should qualify for Supreme Court review. But he also asks that the ruling of a lower court upholding his residency claim not be undone.

In his filing, Jackson says he takes no issue with the City's push for a hearing.