Activists Urge Parents To Demand Lead-Free Schools

Feb 16, 2017

Environmentalists are giving Florida and Georgia failing grades when it comes to policing schools for lead contaminated water.

Environment Florida is launching a "Get The Lead Out," campaign and urging parents to demand lead testing in public schools.

Environment Florida researchers graded 16 states and the District of Columbia and gave Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas and California an “F,” says state director Jennifer Rubiello. 

“Most schools aren’t even testing their water for lead, or when they do, we only hear about results over 15 parts per billion. As we know, there’s no safe level of lead, especially for our kids.”

The group is launching a “Get the Lead Out,” campaign and urging parents to demand testing and removal of lead-based lines and water delivery systems in public schools.

Leon and Wakulla district officials were forced into action last year after Florida State and Florida A&M experts found contamination in 24 schools.