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A musical drama recalling the 1930s Ukranian genocide will debut in Tallahassee next month

"Internment" by Nadia Werbitzky, one of her many images depicting scenes from the Ukranian Holodomor.
The Two Regimes Project
"Internment" by Nadia Werbitzky, one of her many images depicting scenes from the Ukranian Holodomor.

Russian attacks on the Ukraine are taking place today. But a solemn Tallahassee event Saturday night recalled a mass genocide in that nation more than 90 years ago. A renewed drive is now on to bring that tragic memory to the attention of the world.
Among the speakers at the remembrance event on the top floor of the Capitol was Michael Sawkiw, former president of the Ukranian Congress Committee of America. He said few people either inside or outside of the country knew what was happening at the time.

"It took the lives of between 7 and 10 million Ukranians by starvation in the years 1932-33."

The horror later came to light with the discovery of writings by surivivor Teodora Verbitskya and paintings by her daughter Nadia. Now, Mimi Shaw with the local Two Regimes Project said the story will soon find expression in a new musical drama called "Teodora."

"The debut of this musical will not only be a debut at Godby High School. It will be a template and a debut for a musical production that can be reproduced around the world."

The inaugural performances of "Teodora" take place at Godby on February 17th and 18th.

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