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The Bob, he is a-changin.' Tallahassee Dylan biographer says keeping up with his subject matter is a full-time challenge

John Nogowski at a recent book promotional event at My Favorite Books on Market Street.
Tom Flanigan
John Nogowski at a recent book promotional event at My Favorite Books on Market Street.

One of Tallahassee's authorities on Bob Dylan is finding his subject matter as perplexing and elusive as always. John Nogowski had no sooner rolled out his updated 3rd edition of the singer's biography, than Dylan himself released a book and announced he has more music in the pipeline.

"There's going to be more stuff coming! We've been waiting for 'Chronicles: Volume II' of Dylan's memoir. That might come out at some point. He's a fascinating guy and his new book, 'The Philosophy of Modern Song' has been a lot of fun and I'll certainly be writing about that, too."

At least, quipped Nogowski, the object of his research and writings will continue to morph and evolve as he has since Dylan exploded onto the scene in 1962.

"(I'm) trying to find a different take on all the things that he's written. He's done a bunch of movies, all kinds of different things, including making whiskey and iron gates, and painting...just a creative, interesting guy. So it will be fun to see what happens."

Now on a local book tour, Nogowski, who recently retired from teaching in Gadsden County, said following his biographical quarry has become his new full-time job.

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