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South Georgia's elephants now have a much larger habitat to call home

Two large elephants walk towards a black and white dog.
Elephant Aid International
used with permission
Asian elephants Bo and Tarra - along with their dog friend Mala - gained 750 more acres to explore at Elephant Refuge North America in South Georgia

In Attapulgus, Georgia, two elephants roam a much larger home, and that is, apparently, a big hit with the two resident pachyderms.

The elephants are "Bo," a neutered male who spent thirty years in the circus, and "Tarra," an older female who came from another elephant refuge. Now, said Elephant Aid International Founder Carol Buckley, they've got a lot more space at the Elephant Refuge North America sanctuary outside of Attapulgus.

"They moved from their 100-acre habitat into their 750-acre habitat and it's been a joy to watch them explore."

Buckley said the area more closely resembles the elephants' natural habitat they'd have in the wild.

"So, they've been all over the 750 (acres) already and in the lake - and Bo's been swimming in the lake - and we've got video of that and they're really enjoying it."

As the refuge isn't open to the public, there are video cameras stationed around so people can watch the elephants online. Buckley is now fundraising to expand that video coverage into the larger habitat area.