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Update: Commissioners pass new rules after Tallahassee police propose a change in the city's noise ordinance

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Tallahassee police say the proposed ordinance could cut down on impromptu gatherings that disturb the peace.

Original Story: A proposed noise ordinance is on the agenda for the Tallahassee City Commission meeting this afternoon. It’s designed to prohibit noisy gatherings that are defined in part as "unreasonably loud, raucous, or jarring to a reasonable person of normal sensitivities and which is plainly audible to a police officer or code enforcement officer."

The ordinance would get rid of existing noise regulations based on decibel levels and zoning districts. It would give Tallahassee police the discretion to decide whether a noise violation has occurred. An initial violation could come with a $250 fine.

The proposal is expected to get a public hearing at the March 9th city commission meeting.

Updated: February 16, 2022 at 9:29 PM EST
The Tallahassee City Commission is giving local law enforcement more power to curb impromptu gatherings—and post-night club "let out" parties—like the ones that led to a spate of shootings early in the pandemic.

Under the new rules police officers in addition to local residents, could be the complainants in such noise complaints.

Officers are now able to issue fines for repeat complaints. Costs range from $250 for the first violation to $500 for a third.
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