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Want A Healthier, More Productive Workplace? Have More Fun At Work!

Tom Flanigan
Mary Barley, Leon County's Health and Well-Being Coordinator, welcomes the Working Well Breakfast attendees.

The message from Tallahassee's 2021 Working Well Breakfast was for bosses not to take themselves and their work spaces so seriously.

After taking a break last year due to COVID, Tallahassee's Working Well Breakfast returned the morning of Thursday, June 3 to FSU's Turnbull Center. The big takeaway was that workplaces need to loosen up and have fun after a very serious and scary time.
The keynote speaker was humorist and workplace motivator Charles Marshall. His advice to the room full of bosses was to take themselves and their workplaces a lot less seriously.

"If you have an annual meeting and you're in leadership, you need to be doing a skit. Has anyone done a skit for their annual meeting? You've got to do the skit. Why? Because it humanizes you in front of your people!"

Also during the meeting were recognitions for workplaces and individual workers who'd advanced the cause of wellness. Tallahassee Memorial's Brandon Hill started walking to lose weight and has motivated many coworkers to follow his lead.

"Wellness is part of my role that I do to engage our colleagues. And so our healthcare heroes are the faces of our community and I want to support our heroes. And a happy and healthy healthcare hero yields better outcomes of patient care for our community."

The organization winning an award for best overall employee wellness program was Tallahassee's Syntech Systems.