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Leon County Commission Chairman Rick Minor Wants To Regulate Adult Entertainment Stores

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Valerie Crowder
A school zone in Tallahassee

Leon County Commission Chairman Rick Minor is taking up arms against adult entertainment stores. While Minor says he has no problems with them, he does believe they could contribute to a 'red light district' if too many were to open on North Monroe Street. There are only three adult entertainment stores in Tallahassee. One on Apalachee, and two on North Monroe.

"The North Monroe interchange is the gateway to Tallahassee," Minor says.

Revitalizing that area is one of his top priorities. He says more people come through that interchange to Tallahassee than any other point in the county. While he stresses the stores have every right to exist and conduct business, he's concerned more will pop up. He's taking particular issue with Hustler Hollywood, the newest adult entertainment store to open.

"The last thing I think I want or anyone who lives here wants is a redlight district in the most populous, most frequently, basically the highest-trafficked intersection in Tallahassee," Minor says.

To regulate adult entertainment stores, the commission must show they have secondary effects, such as increasing crime, blight, or declining property values. On Tuesday, commissioners will review a report showing no or uncertain connection between these stores and rising crime. The report did not address blight or property value.