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Virtual Exhibit Aims To Spark Intergenerational Dialogue Between Families

Pictured here is an illustration of an old washtub used to do laundry, beside it is the year 1868. A laundry machine is placed below the tub. The date next to it is 2017. The illustration's title is, "Legacy and Learning. A John G. Riley Center and Museum Special Exhibit."
Eluster Richardson
John G. Riley Museum
Pictured here is one of the illustrations that will be on display at the John G. Riley Museum's virtual exhibit.

The John G. Riley House Center and Museum will host a virtual exhibit showcasing what life was like more than half a century ago. There will be illustrations and anecdotes from Tallahassee seniors on how everyday tasks like laundry used to be more challenging. The Museum's Aron Myers says it's meant to spark intergenerational dialogue.

"For some families, for a long period of time history and culture were preserved because they would pass down family stories or oral histories and so this is another reason why this exhibit is important because again it allows families to share those oral histories one generation passing down stories to the next," Myers says.

The virtual exhibit will open Saturday at 10 a.m. on the Museum's website.