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Construction On New Airport Terminal In Calhoun County Underway

Watercolor painting of a building with trees and a plane in the background
Conceptual drawing of new airport terminal

A major overhaul of an airport terminal in Calhoun County is underway. The new facility will be about 3,600 square feet, much bigger than the old 400 square-foot terminal. Airport Manager Scott Snyder says the new building will be state-of-the-art.

"It's going to be probably the nicest of its kind in all of North Florida, South Alabama, South Georgia. It will have a pilot's lounge with three sets of computer terminals for flight planning and refreshments and that sort of thing," Snyder says.

The new terminal will have three offices, a lobby, and a conference room. The old terminal and other parts of the Calhoun County Airport were damaged when Hurricane Michael struck in 2018. Snyder hopes the new construction will help boost the local economy.

"We're hoping that the airport will become a magnet to companies to fly into the county and see it and then want to set up a business here and build on the campus," Snyder says.

The airport property has about 50 acres of developable land that companies can build on.