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Judicial Nominating Commission Interviews Applicants For Second Circuit Court Vacancies

J.S. Clark

The Second Judicial circuit includes Leon County, and it’s short two judges. Nearly 20 people have applied to fill the seats. Among them is prosecutor Georgia Cappleman and Lisa Barclay Fountain. She lost the 2018 election for the second circuit judge. Joshua Hawkes is another applicant. He graduated from law school six years ago and was asked about his lack of experience in an interview with the Judicial Nominating Commission Tuesday.

“You never going to have all the experience required to be a circuit court judge there’s just too much substantive law on that bench," said Hawkes. "But having the right character traits which I think I possess, a hard work ethic, a certain humility to reach out to others for help when needed I think is what is required and I think I’d do a great job.”

The JNC picked six finalists from the list of applicants, Hawkes included. The others are Georgia Cappleman, Anna Foster, Lisa Barclay Fountain, Yolanda Green, Todd Resavage, Robert Churchill, Alexis Lambert, Stephanie Morris, and Mark Urban. Governor Ron DeSantis has the final word on which two will get the job.