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Leon County To Hold Special Meeting On COVID-19

Florida's Capitol building is the background. An Empty brick road is in the foreground.
Erich Martin
Leon County's streets are largely empty now, but local officials are looking into what the county's plans will look like as more businesses reopen.

Leon County Commissioners are holding a special meeting today to talk about local impacts and responses surrounding COVID-19. During the group’s last meeting Commissioner Nick Maddox said he’d like to lay out a long-term plan for addressing the coronavirus.

"I know the governor has his plan," Maddox said, "but just what projections we can expect, what options [do] we have, what things we might want to do in Leon County that might be different than other counties to protect our constituents?"

Maddox said he thinks it is helpful for local residents to know what the county is doing "to protect us from COVID [19] while they're still looking for a vaccine."

County Administrator Vince Long warned creating a long term outlook Could be difficult since the virus remains unpredictable.

What we’re doing right now is the recommended best practice, which is enter into a phase and stay put and analyze data before you slowly open things up. So to say to the community what we’re going to look like six or nine months right now—we don’t set the time table for the virus. The virus sets the time table,” Long said.

The agenda for this afternoon’s meeting includes a discussion about Leon County’s COVID-19 response recovery and reopening plan, a status report from the Office of Economic Vitality about efforts to support businesses during the pandemic, and information about how Leon County employees are being impacted.