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New Estimates Show Tallahassee Coronavirus Peak Could Come In Next Few Weeks

a teal medical mask has been discarded on the road
Cladio Schwarz, unsplash

Tallahassee healthcare leaders agree a peak in COVID-19 cases could come within the next few weeks. But they warn, that’s only if residents continue the current social distancing practices in place now.

Earlier this month, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare officials said a local coronavirus peak could come in June. Mark O’Bryant, CEO of TMH says since then the models have changed.

“If everybody does what they’re supposed to do, we should be over the peak in the next week or two” O’Bryant says.

But O’Bryant warns the models could change again. He says he’s keeping his eye on some areas that could bring additional patients into TMH, including coronavirus outbreaks in rural North Florida prisons

Allen Keessee is the CEO of Capital Regional Medical Center. He says he’s watching carefully as government leaders begin making plans for reopening more businesses after a stay-home order caused many to close. He says while it appears current practices are “flattening the curve” and reducing coronavirus cases, too much at once could cause a new spike.

“I want to reemphasize that this could change for the worse if we do not continue social distancing practices and have a very strategic reopening. In my personal opinion, I think it would be very detrimental to our community if we go all out at one time,” Keesee says.

O’Bryant warns coronavirus cases will continue, and mitigation efforts will be needed, until a vaccine for COVID-19 can be approved. He says that is likely at least a year away.