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New Red Eye CEO Loves Local Linkage

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For the first time since the company's founding eleven years ago, the CEO of Tallahassee's Red Eye Coffee is not named Mark McNees. The firm's new leader is named Barby Moro.


"I'm working with a great company, we've got a great team and mission. We're very focused on community and so, what a gift!" she exclaimed. "What a gift to be able to have a full-time profession supporting community. I couldn't be more lucky and grateful."

Moro has a long history of local community involvement through organizations like the Village Square. Now, as Red Eye's CEO, she hopes the company will become as connected with Tallahassee as the much larger Starbuck's brand is with Seattle.

"We talk about the hashtag 'I-Heart-Tally,'" she explained. "And I've said before it's more than just a hashtag for me and it's more than just a hashtag for Red Eye. Really five to ten years from now - just a little bit more every day - it's about Red Eye becoming synonymous with Tallahassee."

Moro was greeting customers during a special get-aquainted event at the Midtown Red Eye store on Saturday, Jan. 18.