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Tallahassee Shooting Tragedy Remembered

Tom Flanigan

One year ago Saturday, November 2nd, shots rang out at Tallahassee's Hot Yoga Studio, killing two and injuring five. A memorial service was held Saturday below the Betton Place studio where the tragedy occurred.

Local communications and P.R. firm Chief Ron Sachs coordinated and spoke at the brief service

. “We honor the memories of Dr. (Nancy) Van Vessem and Maura Binkley and the other folks who were injured and all of their families,” he intoned before the small group gathered in the Betton Place parking lot.

Dozens of police and other emergency personnel responded to the shooting. Tallahassee Police Chief Steve Outlaw said many of them were deeply shaken by the experience and received follow-up help.

“We facilitated that for all the first responders, police, fire, EMS, anybody else who responded was part of that stress debrief,” he explained.

The Hot Yoga Studio was closed on Saturday as a show of respect for the victims and the tragic anniversary remembrance.