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Thousands Of North Florida Residents Are Trashcan-less Following Hurricane Michael


The strongest storm to ever hit North Florida has left Calhoun County with a peculiar problem. Hurricane Michael left many of its residents without trashcans. Right now, there are too many missing to count.

After Hurricane Michael, many residents lost possessions and quite a few trashcans. Calhoun County Commissioner, Scott Monlyn, says there still isn’t an accurate count on how many have disappeared but the commission is working on a solution in the meantime. 

“ What we’re trying to do is double up as far as how many times the trash is picked up, which is normally one or two days out the week, it may be  Monday or may be Friday that the garbage truck comes to your neighborhood so we’re trying to send around a couple times.”

A specific cost has not been determined but the county is set to foot the bill. The trashcan issue isn’t unique to Calhoun, but it is a symptom of a bigger problem: hurricane-hit counties are struggling to clean up tons of storm debris, and garbage service is an essential part of that work.