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Elder Care Services Wants People To Help Seniors Beat The Heat

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Elder Care Services

Thousands of people die from heat related problems each year. There are potentially dangerous consequences of the summer heat especially for seniors and the elderly.



The summer heat can feel overwhelming, but just imagine if you were unable to escape it. This is the reality for many senior citizens and the reason Elder Care Services Abby Cooke says we need to help.

“Think about how hot you are coming out of grabbing lunch or going to the mall and you get into your car and it’s 90 degrees," says Cooke, "that is someone's house 24 hours a day and they don’t have a choice to turn on their AC and cool down as they drive around, that's their environment 24/7.”

The provider is hosting its annual ‘Keep Seniors Cool’ fan drive, throughout the end of September. The goal is to collect 500 box fans. Fans can be donated at Elder Care Main offices or at any of Garnet and Gold three locations.