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Downtown is Site of Longest Table Conversation

Tom Flanigan

The City of Tallahassee hosted another in its series of "Longest Table" community conversations Sunday (11/5) night. It happened along a table that stretched for more than two blocks down the middle of Duval Street downtown.

Mayor Andrew Gillum noted a table that long can hold a lot of dinner guests.

"I am told that this table is fit to seat about 1,200 individuals," he told the assembled crowd during his welcoming remarks.

One of those individuals was Mary Fernandez who enjoyed her encounter with some new friends. "Tallahassee is a one-of-a-kind city and it's always a positive thing to bring everyone from the community together and be able to share these conversations," she said.

For School Board Member and former SAIL High School Principal Rosanne Wood, it was a challenge to find someone she didn't know.

"I am having fun running into people I know," she smiled. "I just ran into one of my former students and we got to catch up, but there are people here I don't know and I've gotten to say hello to some new people, too."

For the past 3 years Tallahassee has been hosting Longest Table events to help break down the community's social, racial and even political barriers.

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