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Florida Lawmaker Is Filing A Bill To Find A Way Around The Electoral College


A Florida lawmaker is filing a bill to find a way around the Electoral College. Rep. Joseph Geller (D-Aventura) wants the state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 

Supporters of the compact want the Presidential election to be decided by popular vote.  And to do that, the way electors are awarded to candidates has to change. Pamela Goodman, the president of the League of Women Voters in Florida, says the U.S. President and Vice-President should go through the same election process as governors, senators and public officials.

“So we’re questioning now why shouldn’t our highest office in the land, the president and the vice president, be subject to the same standard that applies to how we choose our governors senators, congress people, state legislators and basically all other elected public official,” she said.

Goodman expects the compact to increase turnout because voters will feel their voices are being heard.