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A Private and Public Solar Power Update


The League of Women Voters of Tallahassee got an update on two local solar power programs during the group’s Wednesday (10/25) luncheon meeting. One initiative involves neighborhood solar power co-ops.

The co-op plan came from Heather Campbell from FL-SUN. It’s affiliated with both the League and the Community Power Network.  At the beginning of this month, FL-SUN and its parent program, Community Power Network, rebranded as "Solar United Neighbors."

“So we’re launching here Jaunary 10th. We’re going to be the 21st co-op. We facilitate, but there are a lot of local partners that are going to be on the ground 24-hours a day running the show.”

Campbell said each co-op would be made up of just over 200 households. Meanwhile, the City of Tallahassee’s Energy Services Director David Bryne said eventually there will be 60 megawatts of solar power online.

“We are going to be getting about 6% of our total energy from solar once this project is complete,” Bryne explained, adding Phase Two of the City’s solar farm at the airport, with twice the generating power of the present panel array, will be online in about two years.