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Tackling Sustainability In A Green Way

Leon County

The Leon County library is hosting a series of talks this summer about building a better world. This weekend, the focus is on living green.

Tessa Schreiner, the county Recycling and Sustainability Manager, said that sustainability is the balance of the environment, economy and community.

“How we can live now and in the future that keeps the three pillars in mind… so that we aren’t depleting natural resources, and living a more equitable life and having a more equitable society and a strong local economy.”

The main library invited Schreiner to discuss how citizens can do their part to reduce the environmental footprint of humans, and make different choices to live more sustainably.

“If you are interested in learning how to be more sustainable, or learning how to take your sustainability to the next level, or perhaps you are just unsure of where to start-- you want to do good for the community and environment but aren’t sure what the best practices are, I invite all folks to come and learn about that.”

Schreiner said everyone can do their part to create a greener lifestyle.

“It all starts with just taking into consideration what our impact is. Some of the things we do every day: transportation--how can I lessen my impact and pollute less? Walk more, ride my bike more, consolidate my trips.”

She also suggests turning lights off when not using them, not leaving air conditioning at a low temperature all the time, and reducing the amount of trash we throw away.

“Each person throws away around four pounds of items a day and that’s quite a lot of trash that adds up, so how can we do better to recycle or avoid waste in general?"

The event takes place on Saturday beginning at 2. For more information, contact the library.