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Tallahassee Seeks Young Professionals

There is high demand for young professionals in Tallahassee. The city is looking for new ways to retain its university graduates and grow local business.

Access Tallahassee provides a network for young professionals to meet local business leaders. Vice President of Events Dana Noles says sometimes students just need to establish connections.

“We’ve been able to see students come in, be part of the program, and then get jobs in Tallahassee and begin to create their lives here.”

Access partnered with Florida State University to create Tally Job Hop, taking students to visit tech companies in the area. The tour featured the new startup hub, Domi Station. Local leaders say the startup incubator is working to keep entrepreneurs in the area.

But Mayor Andrew Gillum says housing is a barrier to future growth.

“If we’re trying to retain more of our talent that comes off of our university campuses, we’re trying to entice people to start jobs here, to create businesses here, we’ve gotta make housing more affordable and accessible to them if we’re to be a real option for them.”

The City Commission is prioritizing affordable housing but funding its efforts has been a struggle in recent years.